Tips From an Oral Surgeon for What to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

As an oral surgeon, we perform dental implants oral surgery on a regular basis.  This procedure allows us to give our patients a permanent replacement solution for a missing tooth and root.  An implant is unlike dentures or a dental bridge that only attempts to replace the tooth.  This makes dental implants the most durable and long-lasting solution to tooth loss that you can get. Simultaneously, once an implant is in place, it serves to strengthen and preserve the jawbone, providing much-needed stimulation.  For this and many reasons, implants are among the most preferred restorative solutions that we offer.

Since placing an implant requires us to surgically insert a titanium post under the gums, it is typically done under anesthesia so that you will not feel anything or remember the surgery.  Given that the gums are cut open, there is a natural recovery time where you will need to be careful with what you eat and your general activity levels.  This recovery period is different for every person and influenced by your overall health, age, and how many implants were placed.  We can let you know what to expect during a pre-operative appointment.

After your dental implants oral surgery, it is important to keep up your intake of highly nutritious foods since this gives your body the best opportunity for a fast recovery.  Many people make the mistake of not eating or eating very little after having oral surgery.  While understandable, if your body is deprived of essential nutrients it can delay your recovery process.  As an oral surgeon, here are some meals that we recommend you try during your recovery period.


While an important meal, many people skip breakfast even before having oral surgery.  One of the best ways to receive the nutrients that you need is to blend fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and protein powder to make a nutritious smoothie.  You can drink it on the go, and if you are uncomfortable from the procedure, this will ensure that you still eat a healthy meal without needing to chew.  You can have a smoothie multiple times a day if you like.

Another option is to eat scrambled or hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  They are full of protein and as an oral surgeon, we have found that this is a convenient meal for most of our patients to make.  You can even buy egg beaters in liquid form if you want to make it easier.


Try hummus on soft bread.  Hummus is nutritious and incredibly soft.  You can even eat it by itself if you like.  Add a side of cool yogurt to balance out your meal or a side of applesauce.


As an oral surgeon, we know that this is one of the most difficult meals to replace.  Instead of eating meat that is difficult to chew like beef, chicken, or pork, eat flaky fish that you do not need to chew very much.  You can also try making a potato or vegetable soup.  Most soups can be blended to make them even easier to eat.

After your dental implants oral surgery, it is important to focus on your health and recovery.  We can provide you with more tips and suggestions during your appointment.

Darlene De La Paz